Kevin and Linda

*** UPDATE ***

On September 12, 2017, Kevin announced that he will not be seeking a fifth term in the Legislature in 2018.  Rather, he announced that he will be running for the Worcester Country Register of Deeds position.  Updates on that race can be found HERE.


Kevin Kuros, his wife Linda (the former Linda Morrell of Bellingham), and their boys Alex and Andy have been residents of Uxbridge since 1999. He and Linda have been active participants in their community for many years through their involvement with the Uxbridge Baseball League, Uxbridge Youth Soccer League and the Uxbridge Education Foundation.AlexAndyConfirmation2014 Kevin is on the Board of Incorporators for the Hockomock Area YMCA, which provides a number of services, including an after school program, in his district.

The youngest of three children, Kevin was raised in West Mifflin, PA, a blue-collar suburb of Pittsburgh, by his father Thomas (a union steelworker), and his mother Marion (a credit union officer). Kevin’s paternal grandfather was a Greek immigrant who ran a number of successful small businesses, starting just before the Great Depression. His other three grandparents were of Czechoslovakian descent. His maternal grandfather was a police officer, and as was common in the era, both of his grandmothers were primarily homemakers (who pitched in and worked a variety of jobs especially during war times).

Kevin attended public school his entire life, and graduated from West Mifflin North High School in 1983. He subsequently attended and graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Quantitative Business Analysis.  Both of his children attended the Uxbridge public school system.

KurosWeddingStBrendan's - 2 - fixed (Medium)Kevin and his family attend St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Uxbridge, where Linda has participated as a catechism teacher and helped with functions such as the Christmas Pageant and annual fund raising festival. Kevin and Linda were married at St. Brendan’s Church in Bellingham on June 14,1991 and recently celebrated their 26th anniversary.  Linda’s parents (Paul and Jean Morrell) and sister (Cindy Morrell Reed) still reside in Bellingham. 

Professionally, Kevin has over 20 years experience working in industry and small businesses. Kevin spent the bulk of his professional career working in information technology and management consulting. Kevin successfully started and managed a branch of a national consulting firm that has generated well over $10M worth of business in MA and RI, providing jobs for dozens of people. He currently is the owner of a small real estate firm. He has seen first hand and met the challenges of starting a business, and understands the demands and challenges of doing so.

Politically, Kevin completed his second term on the Uxbridge Board of Selectmen in May of 2010, having spent time as both its Chairman and Vice Chairman. Kevin served on the Uxbridge School Building Committee from its inception in 2005 through the opening of the New Uxbridge High School in 2012. He is proud to have been a member of both the Board of Selectmen and School Building Committees that put forth the solution that was overwhelmingly approved by the town. Once a highly contentious issue in Uxbridge, during Kevin’s tenure on the Board of Selectmen Uxbridge approved the purchase of land on Quaker Highway for the school campus, and approved the construction of a new Uxbridge High School to replace the prior high school that was built during the Great Depression.The New Uxbridge HS

Kevin enjoys consensus-building and solving problems with members of both political parties, believing that neither party has a monopoly on good ideas.

Prior to joining the Board of Selectmen, Kevin was an advocate for voters’ rights, and was appointed to the Uxbridge Board of Registrars as the Republican Town Committee’s nominee, where he served for a short time before deciding to seek the office of Selectman. He has vowed to not block voter initiatives with procedural moves, even when not in favor of a specific voter initiative, choosing to allow votes while lobbying against positions with which he doesn’t agree. He feels strongly that the best government is closest to a well informed, participating electorate.

As a selectman, Kevin was a regular participant in the Four Town Selectman Group which is focused on joint planning and development of the land along Route 146 from Uxbridge and Douglas through Northbridge and Sutton. He was also a participant in the Eleven Town Selectman Group working with the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce on regional issues. Additionally, he has participated in the New England Council, a non-partisan organization dedicated to improving the economic climate of New England, and the Massachusetts Software Council (now known as Mass High Tech).

At the State House, Kevin has been appointed to the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies, the House Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures and State Assets, and is the Ranking Republican on the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight. In prior legislative sessions, Kevin spent six years on the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government, where land use and other zoning bills are heard.

Additionally, Kevin has been appointed to a special commission on international trade.  Gathering Signatures to Tank the Automatic Gas Tax IncrasesHe has been a staunch advocate for increasing local aid and control so that our towns have more resources to work with, and he brings a common sense approach to government, such as fighting for the successful repeal of the absurd ban on school bake sales, fighting to repeal the ill-advised ‘Tech Tax’, and has worked to gather signatures for the ballot initiative to break the linkage of the automatic gas tax increases to inflation. He takes his responsibility of representing the 8th Worcester District very seriously, and has never missed a roll call vote since being elected to the Legislature… a streak of over 1600 straight votes and counting.

He categorizes himself as a business friendly fiscal conservative (Endorsed by the Citizens for Limited Taxation, NFIB, and others) and a social conservative.  He was named one of the Restaurant and Business Alliance’s 2012 “Great 8” Legislators in 2012 for his efforts in supporting small businesses and the restaurant industry. 

He is a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment Rights, belongs to GOAL, and holds a Massachusetts License to Carry (LTC).

He’s seen first hand the struggles of starting a business and balancing a municipal budget with limited help from Beacon Hill. He hasn’t lost sight of his humble beginnings in a blue collar mill town, and he’s a sensible, rational voice for the common men and women of his district.

*** UPDATE ***

On September 12, 2017, Kevin announced that he will not be seeking a fifth term in the Legislature in 2018.  Rather, he announced that he will be running for the Worcester Country Register of Deeds position.  Updates on that race can be found HERE.